Terms and conditions of rental

Rental conditions for tenants, Byens Bazar Søborg ApS

Rental of booth

You book and pay your booth on our website www.byensbazar.dk

The rent is made on a daily basis, a minimum of 1 week and up to 12 weeks. A week is 7 days, so for example, on a Saturday you will finish on a Friday. The most common is a rental period of 2-3 weeks. You can always extend your condition, ranging from 1 day to 12 weeks. If you want the same condition and therefore do not need to replace the price tags, the extension must be done before the booth expires.

If the 3-4 annual closing days are in your rental period, the rental period is automatically extended when booking.
For the use of the word “booth”, please refer to both general shelving, floor booth, display or glass shelf, unless otherwise specifically stated. When renting the booth, the tenant accepts these current rental terms.

Inthe possession of the Large Floor booth, the tenant agrees that these are to sell large items, such as bicycles,  furniture and other items, which, in the city’s bazar’s opinion, cannot be sold from an ordinary shelving booth. It is not permitted to place clothes racks, shelving or exhibition tables on a rented floor booth.


For online booking we accept all types of VISA andMasterCard, Dankort  and MobilePay.

In the store we accept cash, Dankort, VISA, MasterCard or MobilePay.

Price and commission

Prices are includedin the current price list on the website, including a commission percentage of 15%, which is automatically deducted from the statement within the profit paid to you.

Provided you sell your private stuff, you do not pay VAT and tax on your sales.


Business booking cannot be made online, but must be booked upon contact with the shop.

If you operate through the booth, you and the company are responsible for reporting correct information to SKAT.

Right of withdrawal and complaint

We grant a 14-day right of withdrawal for the booth, however, the rent will not be refunded if the rental period has started. 
If you book less than 14 days before the start of the rental period, you confirm that you are writing off 14 days of withdrawal.

If you wish to complain, you can contact  soeborg@byensbazar.dk

All goods sold are purchased as they are and cannot be taken back or refunded.

Get started with your sales

Once the booth is booked and your price tags are printed with prices, the items can be placed on the booth, 1 hour before closing time, on the day before your rental period starts, or from the morning on the first day of your rentalperiod, if the price tags are handwritten.

If you have not placed your goods on the first day of rental during the period, Byens Bazar can rent the stand freely and without notice, without a refund of the stand.

The booth must not be mooved and it is not permitted to extend the shelf area on or above the booth.
It is also not permitted to sign, paste, screw, seams or attach things to the booth.

The goods must be located on your own booth. Do not lay items on the floor at your booth, in other booths or anywhere else in the store. The goods must be arranged in a way that does not inconvenience the neighbouring booths or obstruct visibility and access to the goods of the neighboring booths.


Price tags

All items are registered in advance through “Min Bazar” which is accessed on www.byensbazar.dk

from your PC, smartphone or from a computer in the store.

Goods must be registered with a detailed description of the goods, including, for example, color, brand, characteristics, size and price. For example: Eva Solo water jug, blue, 60 KR.
The product description is important for employees at checkout to avoid fraud in exchange of price tags. Therefore, a good description is needed on the cheap goods, so that it does not just say “Shirt 10 kr.” Otherwise, dishonest people can use your price tag and put on an expensive shirt.

The item description also helps you, so you know exactly what you have sold.

Printing of free price tags is done by self-service on our customer computers, set up in the store.

The price tag must be unique to the item and you make sure that all your items are properly labelled.

If you want to change the price of one or more items, this will need to be updated online and you will then be able to print some new price tags.

The list of items cannot be deleted, so if you have incorrectly typed, you simply re-register the item.

In case of rental of new condition, you are responsible for changing the price tags. If you have rented several different stands, new price tags must be applied when moving goods between the rented booths.
Only items with original Byens Bazar price tags are sold.

The price tags must follow the item and therefore not be fixed to the alarms or hangers.
Goods/Price tags with illegible price, crossed price, multiple price tags, without text, sticky barcode or incorrect description, are rejected at checkout, without responsibility for Byens Bazar.

Non-price items

If an item loses its price tag or shows up in the store after the stand is over, it will be placed on the “Lost and Found” bookcase. It is therefore sensible to keep an eye on whether you can recognise your goods on the bookcase – even after the end of the rental period, as goods most often appear when other tenants pack up.

Goods without a price tag are stored for 14 days, after which they are at the hands of Byens Bazar, who is free todonate, dispose of or sell on the market.

Order and filling at your booth

For you to sell in the best possible way, your condition should be clear and tidy, for which you are responsible.
Feel free to fill up with new items throughout the rental period

A crammed or messy booth will not be of any interest of the possible buyers. There must be room to  see the clothes on the hanger rod, so do not hang the clothes too tightly.
Set up baskets or boxes for small items to make the booth easy to see for buyers.
Byens Bazar reserves the right to limit the selection on a booth if there are so many goods that it is a nuisance to the booth outside.

Securing your goods

In Byens Bazar, we ensure your goods in the best possible way. We have video surveillance, attentive staff and several alarm types for free lending, for items over 100 Kr., so you can secure your goods in the best possible way.
The following precautions are recommended:

  • Clothing alarms are mounted with an additional price tag hidden inside the alarm. That way, your item is better protected against price tag exchange and we can still sell your item if the other price tag is
  • Clothing alarms are mounted in a stitching or a pocket. Do not put it in the price tag, wash mark or strap.
  • If necessary, put a piece of clear tape over your price tag so that it stays where it needs to be.
  • Attach any cables or loose parts belonging to the item with tape or strips.
  • Expensive jewelry, watches, perfumes and other goods that can tempt the faint-hearted should not be on the stand, but will be locked into the one of our Glass showcases, if it costs at minimum of 100 kr.
  • As a booth holder, you always have the option to get one of your items in the Glasshowcases and on the gallery shelves for up to 2 weeks if it costsmin. 100 Kr. and if there is space.
  • Byens Bazar reserves the right to reject new purchasesin general, and if more than 5% of the leased stands at the time of the agreement with Renter, are already negotiating new purchases.

Shoplifting and exchange of price tags are reported to the police.
Price tag exchange is categorized as fraud.
Byens Bazar uses surveillance and alarms. We cooperate with the police and occasionally use store detectives.
However, Byens Bazar cannot be held responsible for stolen, lost or destroyed goods.

Byens Bazar is not liable for fire and water damage. In the case of fire, water or burglary, your home insurance may cover your loss – contact your insurance company for more information.

My goods are gone

If your item is off the booth but not sold, it is most likely on a different condition. The customers tend to regret along the way, and then they put the item away in a random place.

We know from experience that it can be difficult to see the whole store and that an item can show up several weeks after it was lost. This typically occurs when another booth tenant packs down.
Check the item at other booths when you visit the store again and check the “Lost & Found” bookcase regularly.

If we get the item delivered at the checkout while your booking is still active, we will put it back on the booth.
If we get the item delivered at the checkout after your booking has expired, it will be placed  on the Lost & Found  bookcase.
If the item costs 100 Kr or more, we will also send you a message that the item has been found.

Items without a price tag are also placed on the “Lost & Found” bookcase.

Byens Bazar reserves the right to move around goods in our Glass showcases and on gallery shelves.


You have the option to keep the sale at your booth, where you can choose between 25% and 50% discount.
On  “Min Bazar”during your booking, simply tap “Discount” and choose the desired discount rate.
The box then automatically gives the selected discount when your items are sold.
You can borrow free sale signs, to set up on your booth. Remember that the discount applies to all items you have priced, so be aware of any items in the Glasshowcases and on the Gallery shelves


The renter is in charge-only of having full access and ownership of all goods sold from the rented booth–that the goods do not infringe the rights of third parties, including intellectual property rights,-that the seller’s goods otherwise comply with applicable law at all times.-that the seller’s warrant to indemnify Byens Bazar indemnify any claim by third parties or public authorities regarding the said matters.

The following items may not be sold in Byens Bazar:

  • It is not permitted to sell illegal counterfeit goods, such as bags, purses, clothing, watches or burnt DVDs.
  • Personal care products that have been opened, such as creams, hair dye, toothpaste, shampoo, perfume, sunscreen, etc.
  • Products such as tobacco, liquids for e-cigarettes, alcohol, food, groceries, weapons, sharp knives, fireworks, white goods, electronics that do not work, live plants, pornographic material, tyres, rims, building materials, gas cylinders, pressure cylinders, chemicals, hazardous liquids, or anything else that staff may consider inappropriate or offensive.

It is not allowed to put business cards or other marketing on the stands.

Staff also have the right to refuse or dispose of goods deemed harmful to the standard of the store, such as dirty, smelly or unhygienic goods.

Emptying of booth

The booth must be emptied at least 2 hours before closing time on the last day of the rental period. You must remember to bring ID and you are responsible for emptying the booth. Remember to look for your goods in Glass showcases, on the Gallery shelves and  on the “Lost and Found” bookcase.

It is important that all price tags and anti-theft devices remain on the goods when the stand is emptied, as goods without price tags must not be removed from the store. The staff will check your goods at the counter and alarms will be removed.

If someone else needs to empty the stand for you, make sure that the person has your rental certificate with you.

If the booth is not emptied in a timely manner, the rental period is automatically extended by one week.
If the booth is booked to another side, it will be packed down, which costs 300 Kr. and we charge 50 Kr. per day for storage, for up to 1 week.
If you can’t pick up your stuff in time, you can book a takedown for 200 kr. per booth, at the latest before 12:00 on the final day. Rental extensions and shutdowns will be offset against your total sales or charged in the store.
When we are emptying, goods will be stored for a week, after which they will fall to Byens Bazar.

All costs associated with the possible disposal of major goods must be peyed by the tenant and, if necessary, offset against the sale settlement of the stand.

Payment and settlement

When your rental period ends, you will receive a settlement by e-mail

The payment is made to the stated account in “Min Bazar”.

Twice a month we transfer your credit to the bank account that you register on “Min Bazar”

  • The sale from 1-15 October will be entered on the last day of the month, or the first business day thereafter.
  • The sale from 16-31 December will be entered on the 15th of the following month, or the first business day thereafter.

The tenant’s tax and VAT conditions in relation to the sale of goods are not in all the Byens Bazar, and Byens Bazar has no responsibility for this. Byens Bazar pays “used item VAT” from the commission we deduct our selling customers’ sales.

Subject to change
This “Rental Terms of Rental in Byens Bazar Søborg ApS” may be changed at any time by Byens Bazar without prior consent from. De applicable terms of the rental relationship are the terms of the rental at any time, as stated on Byens Bazar website at any time.

Choice of law and weather

The renter’s violation of this “Lease Terms in Byens Bazar Søborg ApS” constitutes a breach of the lease concluded, and Byens Bazar reserves the right to exercise any default power, including damages for loss or termination in the event of material default. Termination does not give rise to a refund of rent.

Any dispute between Tenant and Byens Bazar must be resolved in accordance with Danish law with the Copenhagen City Court as the proper venue.

All Renter’s personal information is treated confidentially. However, reservations shall be made for government requests or orders for disclosure.



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